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June in Salento

On the top of many travel wish lists, as Ondine Cohane explains in her article published on the New York Times, Puglia is winning more and more hearts, with a growing notoriety that doesn’t stop at the Italian border. Rich in breathtaking landscapes, architectural beauties and traditional elements, this region can enchant even the most skeptical ones, offering a wide range of proposals.

For those who love fine white sand, the beaches of Salento have nothing to envy to the more famous Maldives. Those who prefer a wilder and more pristine atmosphere will find the cliffs on the Adriatic coast a must to see, with rocks that sink into water so clear that it looks like glass. If you love trekking, which finds an ideal period in June, you cannot miss the paths that run along the cliffs, climbing into a wild and luxuriant nature, as only Salento can offer (Sentiero delle Cipolliane). Snorkelers will find in these areas an ideal paradise, with a varied and abundant marine fauna, especially in rocky areas and reserves. For those who are less “beach tourists” and more on the “cultural” side, no problem, there are many cities that offer a unique atmosphere, between traditional architecture and breathtaking views: from the large Lecce to the picturesque Otranto. And if the presence of too many people isn’t for you then June is a wonderful choice. If, on the other hand, you love disco music and moshing in the crowd, Gallipoli, on the Ionian coast, should be enough of an attraction. Salento offers its tourists a wide and varied suggestion, which is reflected in the cuisine: from fishmongers, with the colorful and freshest catch of the day, to Masserie, traditional Apulian structures that offer a more typical inland culinary proposal.

In short, whether the beach is your forte or not, you will be enchanted by the atmosphere you breathe in this region, where tradition blends with the new, in the frame of a stunning landscape.

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