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Punta Ristola

Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso, the two promontories indicated on all nautical maps for their importance, enclose the well-known locality of Santa Maria di Leuca. The second is dominated by the lighthouse and, precisely for this reason, is perhaps better known than the first which, however, represents the southernmost point of Salento.

Historically it is the most important part of Santa Maria di Leuca as it has proved to be rich in finds related to the life of primitive man and his cultural evolution. The whole area of Punta Ristola, therefore, offers us a reading that must be considered with interest and that still engages and fascinates scholars for its variety.

The cliff around Punta Ristola is particularly appreciated by tourists and visitors for the panoramic views it offers, and for the beauty of the caves that open fantastic gashes in the long cliff face.