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Fiordo del Ciolo

The bridge that joins the two sections of the Santa Maria di Leuca coast road faces, almost suddenly, on a strip of sea between two steep cliffs. It is the Fiordo del Ciolo that presents itself, from the bridge that overlooks it, suspended between the sky and the sea, with a spectacular view.

But the spectacle is not only from above, because the closer you get, thanks to the winding path on the southern ridge, the more it fascinates with its clear waters. For those who are familiar with diving, you can jump from above towards the sea, but the most prudent choice is to go down along the path.

The Ciolo Cave

At sea level, the Ciolo Cave opens up with a source of fresh water, which certainly deserves a dedicated visit, just as the Fjord deserves a dedicated visit.

After admiring it in ecstasy from the bridge, it is preferable to arrive at the sea wearing fins and mask, equip yourself with well-tied shoes to face the stones of the path and entrust, if you have small children, the offspring to someone who takes care of them, to walk among the stones and bushes without thoughts.

The path towards Gagliano

Favorite destination of those who love to combine trekking, sea and nature, the Ciolo di Gagliano del Capo has its own experience. In fact, continuing the path, between cliffs and improvised steps and leaving the sea behind, it will be possible to admire caves and inlets rich in Mediterranean scrub and rare botanical species including local orchids. Scattered on the ground it will not be difficult to recognize fragments of the civilizations that have followed one another since the Paleolithic, together with the remains of imposing animals, and even among birds there is no shortage of rare species, even if sightings of the Queen’s Falcon have become increasingly sporadic.