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Porto Badisco beach

The legendary landing place of the Virgilian hero Aeneas fleeing Troy, the small beach of Porto Badisco, not far from Otranto, boasts the Blue Flag and 5 Sails by Legambiente.

Right in the center of the bay, covered by the yellow mantle of brooms that sprout on the rocks, there is a lovely beach, a few tens of meters wide and overlooking the blue-green, clear and crystalline sea

From the sand, on the left side, a source of fresh water emerges, one of the last branches of the underground river into which the waters of the Valle dei Cervi convey.

The initially sandy bottom slowly slopes down but, swimming for a few tens of meters, the sand disappears and the sea immediately becomes deep of a cobalt blue.

This stretch of coast is ideal for diving, swimming with fins and mask or for diving off the cliff and climbing easily.

In Badisco you can taste sea urchins, sold on stalls or in the typical trattorias of the small village.

Furthermore, the precious “Sistine of the Neolithic”, the Grotta dei Cervi, is kept here, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe, which cannot be visited to preserve the precious paintings and inscriptions.