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Bay of the Turks

Bay of the Turks of Otranto

North of Otranto there is a splendid place whose name originates from a historical event spread by tradition: the landing of the Turkish warriors who conquered the same city (15th century) and sentenced to death 800 people who did not want to renounce their faith in Christ.

This is the “Baia dei Turchi”, a wonderful natural landscape that the FAI in 2007 declared to be among the top 100 places to be protected in Italy, was also declared a Site of Community Importance and is part of the protected Oasis of the Almini Lakes. All this because the Baia dei Turchi is a historical place but also of rare charm.

The Baia dei Turchi of Otranto bewitches any tourist: its sea waters are clear, the sandy beach is surrounded by a veiled cliff of emerald Mediterranean scrub, its gaze turns towards the Adriatic Sea and the hypnotic breath of its waves will give you a feeling of relaxation and well-being that you have never experienced. Overall, the Baia dei Turchi looks a lot like a Caribbean beach, due to its colors and the beauty of its sea.