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Alimini Beach

A few kilometers north of Otranto, we find a spit of land that sees on one side the Alimini Lakes (Lago Grande and Lago Piccolo) and on the other a long stretch of wide sandy coast protected by pine forests.

To reach the Alimini beaches, whether it is private tourist resorts or free beach areas, it is necessary to leave your vehicle in one of the many parking lots available once you have left the provincial road towards the coast and then proceed on foot up to reach the sea. In the case of private facilities, you can leave your car inside the resort and then walk towards the beach or wait for the arrival of organized “trains”, whose hours vary from establishment to establishment.

The beaches of the Alimini have a large extension both in length and in width and also feature high and beautiful natural dunes. You will admire one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy where the sand is very fine and white.